Geist Environet DCiM

Comprehensive monitoring and resource management for all racks and active IT equipment in data centres

The modular Environet DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solution from Geist Manufacturing gives you complete and centralised remote control over your entire data centre infrastructure. A graphical and web-based user interface lets you view all operating states, power and environmental parameters for all of your data centre sites. The Environet system records and consolidates the data of up to several thousand measuring and sensor points. Reports on energy consumption and power usage effectiveness (PUE), for example, can be created on the basis of this data. The DCIM application also allows precise capacity planning and power management for all active components to optimise power use and ultimately significantly reduce electricity costs. 

Proactive monitoring and management of environmental conditions

Any change in the server room temperature can be recorded and shown as a thermodynamic image. You always have a reliable overview of how cool air is being distributed to the racks and whether all parameters fall within an acceptable range. Additional support is also provided by a proactive monitoring function that, for example, immediately triggers an alarm in the event of critical changes in temperature, inadequate moisture, water leaks or fluctuations in power supply at rack or server level or automatically initiates preconfigured countermeasures. Various monitoring and management functions for the UPSs, PDUs, CRAC systems, chillers and many other data centre equipment are also available to you.

Easy to integrated into existing data centre management or building management applications

The Geist Environet DCIM system communicates via SNMP, TCP/IP, Modbus, BACnet, Hardwired I/O, oBIX, Niagara and other protocols and offers vendor-neutral integration of a wide range of IT devices, data centre components and applications to manage these systems.

Highlights of the modular DCIM solution for data centres:

  • Visualisation of the entire data centre environment
  • Asset management
  • Capacity management with power and environmental monitoring
  • Status report for rack hardware
  • Real-time and trend reports on consumption, PUE and capacity utilisation
  • Thermographic imaging of all rack areas
  • Alarm functions and management
  • Proactive power and environmental monitoring
  • Multi-user and multi-site integration
  • Compatible with conventional BMS and NMS systems
  • Easy integration into existing DC management solutions