Dataprobe iBootBar Power Switch

iBootBar - 8 Port Web Enabled Power Switch

The iBootBar controls each outlet independently from Web, Telnet, SNMP and modem. Network access plus out-of-band control via serial port and internal modem with both data and DTMF tone dial control are integrated features.

iBootBar is available with single or dual power inlets. Dual power is ideal for remote reboot control servers, routers, etc. with redundant power supplies. Simultaneously switch both supplies off and on for reboot, security or energy management. These models are also ideal for switching higher current devices. Each inlet is distributed to 4 outlets, which can be switched in pairs for redundant systems, or individually for higher current devices.

International models support 115/230 VAC with 10 or 20 amp support. Ask us about North American NEMA versions with 15 or 20 amp circuits.

The internal modem option allows connection to the iBootBar from anywhere, anytime. Dial-in with a laptop or terminal for complete control of all functions, or access iBootBar with any telephone for quick power on, off or reboot functions. Telephone users are guided with voice prompts and status information.

iBootBar continuously monitors the current draw from its outlets and reports user settable high and low current alarms. Know immediately when there is too much load, or a device stops working. Alarms are delivered both by email and SNMP traps.

The unique Auto-Ping feature allows iBootBar to monitor any IP device on the network and take automatic action whenever the device is down. Ideal for automatically testing internet connections. The new Heartbeat Detect feature allows iBootBar to monitor any server or PC running either the free Heartbeat Generator Program, or heartbeats integrated into your custom software. Ideal for verifying that specific PCs or Servers are running properly.

The web browser interface provides the easiest means of managing multiple outlets. One master unit can be connected to 15 expansion units, managing 128 outlets from a single web page interface.

iBootBar Web Interface

Multiple users, each with administrator assigned rights only see the outlets they are responsible for.

Outlets can be linked together in logical groups, even across managed units, to allow simultaneous power control or reboot with a single command. Groups can also be used to link pairs of outlets together to reboot devices with dual redundant power supplies.

In addition to the Web interface, the outlets can also be controlled via Telnet, Serial, and SNMP.


  • Access from any Network point or any Telephone - No field trips required for Reboot. Save time and money by eliminating service calls and reducing downtime to a minimum.
  • Multiple Control Options
    • Web - Intuitive Browser Interface
    • Telnet - Complete setup and control access
    • SNMP - Easy integration into network management systems
    • Serial - Out-of-band access
    • Internal Modem - Menu and DTMF dial tones
  • Multi-User - Assign permissions to each user for outlets and configuration. Users see only outlets assigned
  • IP Addressed, 10/100Base-T - Use on any Ethernet IP network. Public or private. Supports DHCP and alternate ports for Web Access.
  • Automatic Reboot Operation - Auto-Ping Automatic Operation for crashed devices. Auto-Ping pings device and takes action when no response. Complete control over frequency and timers.
  • Current Sensing and Alarms - Know when critical power conditions occur and take immediate action. Email and SNMP Trap notification.
  • Dual and Single Power Inlet - Supports dual redundant powered devices with a single click.
  • Group and Stagger - Combine any outlets into logical groups and power up devices in sequence to reduce power surges.
Manufacturer Code Description
Dataprobe DP-iBB-C10 IBootBar Single - 10 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs
Dataprobe DP-iBB-C10-M IBootBar Single - 10 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs + Modem
Dataprobe DP-iBB-C20 IBootBar Single - 20 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs
Dataprobe DP-iBB-C20-M IBootBar Single - 20 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs + Modem
Dataprobe DP-iBB-2C10 IBootBar Dual - 10 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs
Dataprobe DP--iBB-2C10-M IBootBar Dual - 10 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs + Modem
Dataprobe DP-iBB-2C20 IBootBar Dual - 20 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs
Dataprobe DP--iBB-2C20-M IBootBar Dual - 20 Amp, IEC320 8 Outputs + Modem