Reliable Rack level power delivery for servers and network equipment using intelligent PDU power strips

For rack level power supply and power management within the data centre Daxten offers a wide range of both IP and serial controlled basic, managed, monitored and switched rack PDU solutions. These PDU power strips are available in a number of different configurations. Many PDUs have integrated web based monitoring functions which allow a user to measure and monitor certain power and environmental metrics. This capability combined with DCIM offerings makes it possible for advanced secure management and monitoring of the power network. In addition we are offering fully customisable power strips. Any single rack PDU can be configurated individually in terms of power design, number of outlets, monitoring capabilities, colours, mounting options and many more features to perfectly fit to any requirement.

Retrofit redundancy for single power device: Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) add fail-safe power to any IT component

Reliable power for network devices and servers is a vital part in ensuring uptime in any data centre. For IT equipment with single power supplies, ATS solutions are essential in creating redundancy by providing power from two different sources. Without transfer switches, any power interruption can cause failures and downtime. Our Automatic Transfer Switch offerings include 1, 2, 3, 7 or more port versions.

Secure power to device connections: Prevention of downtime with locking power cables

Dual sided locking cables simply replace existing power cables. All connected IT devices are well protected against accidental and vibration disconnects and the resulting power supply disruptions, downtime and equipment damage.