Reliable Rack level power delivery for Servers and network equipment using intelligent PDU Power Strips

For Rack level Power Supply and Power Management within the Data Centre Daxten offers a range of both IP and serial controlled Intelligent Power Distributions Units or iPDUs.

These Intelligent PDUs are available in a number of different configurations from a number of different manufacturers, such as; Avocent/Emerson, Geist, Raritan, Dataprobe, Servertech and Uptime Devices.

Many iPDUs have integrated web based monitoring functions which allow a user to measure and monitor certain power and environmental metrics. This capability combined with the manufacturers own DCIM offerings makes it possible for advanced secure management and monitoring of the power network.

Wireless power and environment monitoring is possible using the innovative Packet Power solution. Packet Power collects and logs power metrics which allows the user to evaluate and optimise their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). This solution is suitable for both retrofit and new builds, offering a scalable solution to power and environmental monitoring.