Essential tools and services that will make your day to day work in the Data Centre safer and more efficient

Our Data Centre essentials offer products, solutions and services that facilitate the setup, installation, configuration and commissioning of Data Centre environments.  In addition management and expansion of Data Centre environments can be optimized making them more secure, more efficient and more economical.

Transportation and lifting of heavy Servers and IT Equipment

ServerLIFT solutions allow for transportation and lifting of heavy IT equipment in the data centre. The ServerLIFT brand lifters will lift and transport up to a quarter of a tonne of IT equipment safely into any rack. They can lift servers and other rack-mounted IT equipment up to 2.4 metres therefore allowing the full use of space within the 19” rack.

KVM Solutions for Desktop Computing, Server Rooms and Data Centres of all sizes

Daxten offers both analogue and digital KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Management Solutions.  These allow for administration, local control and remote access of physical and virtual servers as well as PDU’s, service processors and USB media to help the consolidation of equipment.  In addition to Daxten’s own products we also offer solutions from Austin Hughes, Avocent, Emerson, Raritan and Rose Electronics.

Extension of KVM Serial and Multimedia Signals over Cat5 TCP/IP or Wirelessly

Analogue KVM Extenders ‘extend’ the local control interface of a computer with PS/2, Sun, USB or Serial Interfaces over distances of up to 300 metres, while IP based KVM extensions have no distance limitations.  KVM Extenders can be used anywhere that a remote access is needed on a dedicated computer or on a KVM Switch already in use.

Video Splitters are used to replicate screen images on multiple monitors

Monitor Splitters, Video Splitters and digital signage solutions are used mainly on information boards in public places such as train stations and airports, although they can be used anywhere that a central message or information point needs to be visible and audible.

LCD Rack Consoles with integrated KVM for centralized management of the Rack hardware

LCD or TFT Rack Consoles with integrated KVM or KVM extenders allow verification checks and direct administration of all Servers within a 19” Rack locally or remotely via a Cat5 or TCP/IP remote workstation.

The Server Rack Console with Keyboard is housed within the 19” Rack

Rack Consoles have an LCD Screen and a Keyboard to allow instant local Server access at the Rack down to the BIOS level.  Daxten offers Consoles in different mounting widths and depths so that they can be installed into both standard and custom Racks.

Console Server for secure access to all Serial Network Components

Console Manager allows for easy centralised management of Sun Servers, Routers, Switches, PBX’S and other network devices with a serial interface.  Access to the serial peripherals can be done at any time and from any location as well as in band LAN TCP/IP or out of band via modem.