Reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency in the Data Centre can only be achieved effectively with comprehensive monitoring and management of power metrics

Daxten offers a range of monitoring solutions for existing power infrastructures, and, using these solutions it is possible to monitor the power consumption of Busbars, Tap Offs, End Feeds, Rack PDUs and IT components from manufacturers such as; Avocent/Emerson, Dataprobe, Geist, Packet Power, Raritan, Server Technology and Starline.

Power consumption information can be collected using physical connections, web-based systems and also wirelessly.  Full power monitoring including VOLTS, Amps, KW, KWh, KVA, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) can be collated and be used to generate reports, or alternatively raw data can be fed directly to existing DCIM or BMS Systems which makes for a more efficient Data Centre.

In addition to the Power metric products, Daxten, also offers a full range of environmental sensors which allow users to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and airflow.  It is possible to place hundreds of environmental sensors at critical locations throughout the Data Centre and like the Power monitoring they allow for environmental changes to be monitored and controlled centrally via cable or wirelessly.