Avocent AMX Series

Avocent AMX Matrix KVM Switch

The AMX matrix kvm switch was developed to provide an optimal administration solution for expanding multi-rack and multi-platform environments. The high density architecture offers up to eight users unrestricted access on up to 64 servers (cascades on up to several hundred servers). High installation expenditure and propietary wiring are completely eliminated by the use of standardized CAT5-Technology.

AMX5000 / AMX 5010 / AMX 5020

This matrix KVM switch offers up to eight users unrestricted access on up to 64 servers:

  • Multi-platform support: PS/2, Sun & USB
  • Non-blocking access to attched servers
  • Cascadeable to support hundreds of servers

AMX5111 / AMX 5121 User Console

The AMX5110 / 5120 forms the interface between the user and the AMX matrix switch:

  • Allows real time access to any attached server
  • Supports PS/2 and SUN Keyboards
  • Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
  • Supports a mixture of CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 cables
  • Automatic video compensation for optimal video
  • With local PC port

AMIQ UTP Cable Adaptor

  • Reduces wiring expenditure
  • Simple administration and recognition of all attached computers over automatic assignment of an own ID
  • Real time transmission of KVM signals up to 300 meters from the server
  • Flash Upgradeable
  • Keep Alive function
  • DDC2B-Compatible


  • Java based systems management software
  • Simple assignment of access for users and groups
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Track system access and user log-ins
  • Stores all information in a central databse
  • Database can be transferred over ethernet to each AMX unit


  • Patented On-Sreen-Display makes server selection possible by mouse-clicks
  • Intuitive prompting facilitates the control and control of servers
  • Simple administration of multi-platform and multi-rack environments
  • Allows access down to the BIOS level of the connected servers
  • Scan, Share or Private modes of access
Manufacturer Code Description
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMX5000-201 AMX5000 8 User x 32 Server Matrix Switch
8 x 32 Matrix Switch
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMX5010-201 AMX5010
16 User x 64 Server matrix switch
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMX5111-201 AMX5111 Desktop User Console incl. 1 AMIQ PS/2 Adapter
Desktop User Console
CPU Interface Cable
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMIQ-PS2 AMIQ VGA PS/2 CPU Adaptor
UTP Adaptor Cable
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMIQ-USB AMXIQ-USB
Server interface module for VGA, USB keyoard, mouse
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMIQ-VSN AMXIQ-VSN
Server interface module for VGA, Sun keyboard/mouse
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AMIQ-SRL AMIQ-SRL
Server interface module for serial based devices
Avocent / Cyclades AP-UPD-201 UPD-EU
Power supply for DSQIQ-SRL