Daxten RackAccess Keyboard Drawer

Please note: The RackAccess products are End of Life. Please contact us for alternative products.

1U KVM Console for Rack

The Rack Console RackAccess is an extraordinarily efficient way to conserve rack space when you need to administrate multiple computers. RackAccess is a rackmountable Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) console with the capability of integrating a KVM switching system. This trouble-free KVM console contains an LCD monitor, a standard Keyboard, as well as a Touch Pad mouse. The KVM drawer occupies only one rack unit (1U) and therefore conserves valuable rack space. In conjunction with an analog or digital KVM switch, the RackAccess console can allow low-profile access to almost any number of desired computers. The RackAccess requires 85% less space than a standard console with keyboard, monitor and mouse and generates 80% less heat than a normal KVM console.

Keyboard & Mouse

The PS/2 compatible 102 Keyboard is available in English US, English UK and German, each with a full numpad. The two-button PS/2 compatible Touch Pad is ergonomically placed and is Microsoft Intellimouse compatible.

LCD Flat Display

The high-resolution, antistatic LCD color screen of the RackAccess is VGA, SVGA and XGA compatible and includes an internal power supply. The On-Screen Display (OSD) controls allow the configuration of contrast, brightness, balance, picture geometry and more.


The Rack console RackAccess can be installed into standard 19" rack of any height. The unit is securely mounted to the rack in front and back on both sides for a sturdy fit. In order to accomodate different rack bracket depths, the rear attachments of the RackAccess can be adjusted. A KVM switch can be easily mounted behind the LCD monitor to save even more space.


  • LCD Display 15,1" 17" or 19" LCD Active Matrix
  • Resolution max. 1024x768 @ 75Hz (15.1" models)
  • Resolution max. 1280x1024 @ 75Hz (17" and 19" models)
  • Max. 16 million colors (Dithering)
  • Viewing angle 160° horizontal / vertical
  • VGA / SVGA / XGA compatible, HD15 connector
  • Keyboard with numeric numpad
  • Keyboard port PS/2 compatible
  • TouchPad with 2 mouse buttons Microsoft Intellimouse compatible
  • Installs quickly in standard 19" racks
  • Dimensions : 19" 1U
  • Weight approx. 13 kg
Manufacturer Code Description
DAXTEN 3115-00P-xx RackAccess 15" LCD Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
DAXTEN 3115-00U-xx RackAccess 15" LCD USB Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
DAXTEN 3117-00P-xx RackAccess 17" LCD Keyboard drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
DAXTEN 3117-00U-xx RackAccess 17" LCD USB Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
DAXTEN 3119-00P-xx RacKAccess 19" LCD Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
DAXTEN 3119-00U-xx RackAccess 19" LCD USB Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount monitor
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