Zonit Z-ATS AI Infrastructure

Retrofit Redundancy for AI Servers

The Z-ATS AI Infrastructure was developed to be the world’s most efficient dual power redundancy solution for AI servers with a 5+1, 4+2 or other asymmetric power supply matrix. The solution allows AI servers to ensure optimal performance through maintenance cycles and power disruptions. The innovative solution automatically switches between the primary (A) and backup (B) power source as needed, guaranteeing power delivery remains uninterrupted, enabling IT professionals to schedule maintenance on power path components without any downtime and without affecting operations.


  • With the Z-ATS AI Infrastructure AI servers maintain dual power redundancy without the risk of throttling GPUs or reducing performance.
  • The Z-ATS AI is an automatic transfer switch solution designed to maximise performance and minimise downtime of AI equipment.
  • The Z-ATS AI offers plug-and-play deployment, does not utilise any rack space (zero U) and is DIN rail mountable.
  • AI servers with 4-6 power supplies, taking 1U vs 4U to 6U. Each unit has a 16A capacity and up to six units can be mounted in 1U of rack space.


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