TZ SlideHandle Locking System for Racks

Retrofittable and intelligent locking system suitable for cabinet systems

The TZ SlideHandle™ system is an intelligent locking system for use with all major racks in data centres that allows for existing swinging doors on racks to be retrofitted. Using minimal energy the locking mechanism is composed of a special metal containing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA), which operates the doors and allows timed authorised access through ID card sensor technology. Alternatively it can be remotely triggered. Multi-coloured LEDs indicate the locking status of the doors and are visible up to 30 metres away. TZ SlideHandle™ is powered and controlled via the TZ Praetorian™ Junction or TZ Centurion™ Bridge gateway systems. In the event of a power outage, authorised users can use a manual multi-key override in order to access the racks.    


  • Retrofittable, cost effective and scalable rack security system
  • Simple installation and if required, disassembly
  • Locking mechanism is designed in accordance with the industry standard (quarter turn)
  • SMA-locking mechanism for high mechanical stress which prevents an electro-magnetic field
  • Manual multi-key override for multiple authorised users
  • Locks are powered and monitored via TZ Praetorian™ Junction or TZ Centurion™ Bridge gateway systems
  • Multi-coloured LED indicator lights display locking status
  • Multiple external sensors rapidly report the door´s present status (locked/closed, unlocked/closed, unlocked/open, locked/open), including manual override and complete audit trail

Advantages and Uses of the TZ SlideHandle™ systems:

  • Improved security and surveillance with the TZ Praetorian™ Junction or TZ Centurion™ Bridge systems
  • Simple mounting of the electronic locking device
  • Integratable with all major manufacturer´s racks, featuring swivel handles that comply with industry standard
  • Compatible with single-point and multi-point latches, plus split doors
  • In the event of a power outage, an override mode is available for authorised users
  • Electronic and sensor notifications report the status of the locking mechanism, as well as the movement of the rack door
  • Protocols inform when doors are opened, closed, unlocked, locked, or if anyone has attempted to force open a rack door
  • A simple coloured LED system informs administrators about the security status of the door, up to 30 meters away.

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