There are so many good reasons to visit Daxten on stand D540 at DCW 2018

09/02/18 09:45:00 CET

A good reason for any data centre professional to visit Daxten at DCW 2018 is to experience, how easy and fast critical racks can be powered by the latest generation of the Starline track busbar. The design of the Starline busbar system, allows for the tool free insertion of the plug-in unit into the busbar, simply by rotating the tap off by 90 degrees locks it into position – within seconds a new branch circuit to a rack is completed. The latest T5 product family,includes 250A, 400A, 800A and 1200A These will be presented on the Daxten stand D540.

Wire-free radio technology to monitor critical data centre infrastructure

For data centre or facility managers it is a high priority to ensure the most efficient use of existing power and cooling capacities. To reach this goal it is essential to monitor the power and environmental parameters on a regular basis. By doing this, data centre experts are able to identify, analyse and solve power, thermal or security weaknesses and to improve the power usage effectiveness (PUE) in their data centres. The comprehensive Packet Power wire-free radio monitoring solutions, offered by Daxten and presented at DCW, enable the data centre personnel to centrally control and manage several hundred environmental sensors (e.g. for temperature, humidity and differential pressure).  In addition managing current parameters like Volts, Amperes, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for any branch circuit, cabinet, PDU or single IT device. The complete solution is based on wire-free radio technology and therefore, requires no cabling or configuration work.

Protection against water leaks in the data centre

For an holistic approach to monitor, detect and identify leaks in the data centre, Daxten will show the RLE SeaHawk monitoring solution at DCW. It offers spot detectors, sensing cables or a combination of both sensor types to reliably monitor confined or large open areas in the data centre. As soon as the sensors come into contact with water, acids, or other hazardous liquids, system controllers locate the leak, trigger acoustic or optical alarms and generate warnings that are sent to the data centre personnel. The leak detection solution can communicate via Ethernet, N2, Modbus or BACnet that makes it possible to integrate it into overarching DCIM or BMS applications.

Fast and simple installation of busbars, containment systems and cable trays

The use of the innovative Bergvik load-bearing ceiling solution will give data centre and facility experts the maximum flexibility to reconfigure their data centre infrastructure in accordance with ongoing requirements – by saving time, material and labour costs. Daxten will show at DCW an engineered load-bearing ceiling system that is both, a suspended ceiling and a support grid, in one cost effective package. The design allows for the hanging of various services such as busbar, lighting, cable trays and security cages in the data centre. Furthermore, the solution allows for the suspension of hot aisle containment plus chimney systems whilst at the same time creating an upper air plenum for hot air return to the cooling handlers.

Supporting Edge Computing infrastructure with micro-modular data centres

Data centre operators that intend to plan and to extend their infrastructure “on demand” with an even smaller form factor than it was previously available with containerised data centres are invited to take a closer look at the INSTANT EDGE, a complete micro-modular data centre that will be presented on Daxten stand D540. The INSTANT EDGE from Instant Data Centers can be operated as a comprehensive stand-alone data centre or as a pod with numerous units, which is modular and expandable. This is an ideal product for the rapidly expanding Edge Computing architecture. According to requirements the INSTANT EDGE allows for setting up or to retrofit DC architectures in compliance with TIER I to IV.

Transport and install heavy IT equipment easily and safely with ServerLift

ServerLift solutions simplify installation and make it possible for IT personnel to transport heavy IT equipment in the data centre. Up to 454 kilograms of IT equipment can be automatically or manually transported using the ServerLift solutions. It will work for every rack type, lift up to a height of 2.4 m easily, comfortably and safely. Optional add-on modules such as a platform extender or a mechanism for precise vertical lifting of heavy IT equipment make it possible, for example, to vertically lift IT equipment right out of a packaging box and allow for easy hardware installation even in contained aisles with a low ceiling panel height or for special racks up to 3 m high. Other accessories such as Serverlift Rail Lift supports the equipment while giving the operator control over the angle of the server at all points of installation or removal from the rails. Come and see the ServerLIFT for yourself at DCW.

Retrofittable and intelligent locking system suitable for cabinet systems

Last but not least Daxten will show the TZ SlideHandle solution, which is an intelligent locking system for use with all major racks in data centres that allows for existing swinging doors on racks to be retrofitted. Using minimal energy the locking mechanism is composed of a special metal containing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA), which operates the doors and allows timed authorised access through ID card sensor technology. Alternatively it can be remotely triggered. Multi-coloured LEDs indicate the locking status of the doors and are visible up to 30 metres away. The TZ SlideHandle is powered and controlled by dedicated gateway systems.

Advance information is available from Daxten on +353 (0)61 23 4000 or via Or visit Data Centre World London, on the 21st and 22nd March at the Daxten stand D540, to view the latest to improve the resource efficiency, reliability and security in your data centre.