Stay safe with wire-free remote data centre monitoring: Monitoring at a distance made easy

21/07/20 09:15:00 CEST

It has never been more important for the critical data centre infrastructure to be up and running – around the clock and without interruption. To ensure this, the permanent monitoring of power and environmental parameters is essential. This is the only way to protect the data centre in the event of critical conditions such as cooling inefficiencies, system disruptions and downtime. At present and for the foreseeable future it is essential that data centre specialists are able to control their data centres remotely without physically being there. Daxten, the data centre optimisation specialist, offers a solution with the complete Packet Power wire-free radio monitoring product range. The highlight is that all monitoring, modules for power, environmental conditions and leak detection communicate and share their data via a meshed wire-free radio network. A specific system gateway makes the data accessible by the dedicated system GUI or third party DCIM or BMS applications. This provides the data centre personnel with a complete remote control solution to monitor, analyse and optimise all vital parameters and to protect the data centres from hazards.

The main benefit of all wire-free monitoring modules is that they are not connected via cable to each other. As soon as they are activated the monitoring devices instantly configure themselves automatically and begin to share measurement data such as power, temperature, humidity and differential pressure via a self-configuring wire-free radio mesh network. All measurement data is wirelessly gathered by a system gateway that simply uses the SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP protocol to transmit the data to the Packet Power EMX Energy Portal or a third party BMS or DCIM tool.

The specific wire-free monitoring modules for power allows data centre professionals to control parameters like Volts, Amperes, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for any branch circuit, switchgear, cabinet, PDU or single IT device. The sensors for the monitoring of environmental conditions at rack or room level are simply positioned at the desired place without cabling or configuration work and share their data on the same wire-free radio network as the monitoring modules for power. From a safe remote location, data centre and facility experts have all important power usage and environmental parameters available. They are able to balance loads, monitor areas that are susceptible for leaks and can control temperature, humidity and pressure at their cabinets effectively.

In addition, data centres managers will be very happy that with only one single wire-free radio monitoring module and system gateway the cornerstone for an overarching monitoring system can be layed. An almost unlimited number of additional monitoring sensors can be added to the wire-free radio mesh network resulting in a complete data centre monitoring solution which can be accessed remotely.

Further information on the whole Packet Power product family is available from Daxten on +353 (0)61 23 4000 or via