Starline 1200A Busbar

Even more power at room level in the data centre

The 1200A busbar is part of the Starline T5 product family that also consists of busbars rated to 250Amp, 400Amp and 800Amp. Like all Starline busbars the 1200 amp version has a continuous access slot along the bottom of the bar. It is therefore possible to add plug-ins at any postion along the entire busbar without being limited by pre-determined mounting positions and pre-determined quantities of plug-ins that is the case for some other solutions. This means DC and facility experts enjoy the flexibility and freedom of positioning racks and IT equipment in almost any location. The provided power offers ideal conditions for high density environments. Power redundancy matters in mission critical environments and can easily be achieved by simply adding a parallel track to the primary busbar.

Busbar versus cabling

Adding a new plug-in unit to the busbar can be done safely in seconds following a few simple steps. This prevents long lead times, planned downtime and high costs that are usually incurred, when cable-based power distribution systems are used. The plug-ins offer a choice of either drop cable or 16A, 32A or 63A socket connections for the power supply of racks and other IT equipment.

Power monitoring for optimal loads

The data channels that are incorporated in the outer aluminum housing of the 1200A busbar offer the integration of an optional energy monitoring system, which measures and controls the power usage at both branch circuit and end-feed level. The ability to measure power allows data DC specialists to balance loads perfectly. If pre-defined thresholds for critical power conditions are exceeded, automated alerts can be issued and countermeasures can be taken long before the power values become critical.   

Easily expandable and future-proof

The modular and scalable design of the track busbar solution allows it to easily adapt to any performance requirements and power density in data centres of any size. The entire busbar system is flexible to configure, easy to assemble and install. The busbar can be inexpensively installed, expanded in addition to being easy to dismantle and re-use elsewhere if required. 

1200A Starline Track Busbar Highlights:

  • Modular continuous access track busbar system
  • Easy installation of tap-off units via twist-and-lock connector
  • Rack connections via drop cord or receptacles
  • Easily reconfigurable, expandable and resuseable
  • Optional energy-monitoring
  • Power redundancy by simply adding a parallel track to the primary busbar

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