ServerLIFT SL-350X

Manual server lifter solution for data centres

The manual server lift solution SL350X is ready for use within minutes. It is capable of moving up to 159 kilograms of IT equipment to any location within the Data Centre. There, the load can be lifted to a maximum height of 2.4 metres. A single operator is able to navigate the heavy load easily through doorways, narrow Data Centre aisles and can rotate on it on its axis to any degree and into the smallest of spaces.

The ServerLIFT SL350x side loading capabilities allows the operator to work from either the left or right hand side of the unit. This provides the ideal alignment and shelf position for the integration and installation of heavy IT equipment into the cabinet: After the IT components are vertically lifted to the required height the servers can be horizontally inserted via the extendable platform of the ServerLift into the free RU space of the rack. So the final rack mounting and cabling requires fewer personnel and eliminates potential injury.

ServerLIFT SL350X Highlights:

  • Platform lowers to the bottom of standard racks
  • ServerLIFT telescopes allowing the platform to rise up to 8 feet
  • Up to 159kg weight capacity
  • Side loading for easy equipment alignment while facing the rack
  • Heavy duty manual winch
  • 4 Large Swiveling Castors – Front
  • Wheels lock for precise steering or swivel for maneuverability
  • Easy Steer Handles
  • Included strap kit secures equipment
  • Stabilizer/brake system for safe equipment install

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