ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift

Inclinable platform module for ServerLIFT lifters

The ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift is a shelf extension module suitable for manually or battery operated ServerLIFT lifters that allows for lowering servers and other rack-mounted IT equipment into sliding rails. It allows equipment with a maximum load of 227kg to be lowered or lifted straight, vertically or at an angle of up to 5 degrees. Therefore the inclinable shelf is also perfect for the quick installation and removal of IT equipment from rails with J-slots. The angle can easily be adjusted whilst in use. For the use in confined spaces or even under difficult installation conditions the multi-pivot handle can be reconfigured. When the RS-500X Rail Lift is used in conjunction with the ServerLIFT SL-350X the maximum load capacity of almost 159kg must not be exceeded.

Highlights of the ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift

  • Platform accessory for ServerLIFT lift and moving solutions
  • Ideal to insert equipment into the rack
  • Quick installation and removal of servers and other IT devices from rails with J-slots  
  • Can be lowered straight down into other rails
  • Secures easily to all ServerLIFT platforms with no tools
  • Reversible mounting for use on both sides
  • Tilt adjustment up to 5 degrees
  • Handle turns easily with maximum load
  • Multi-pivot handle reconfigures for use in confined spaces
  • Maximum load capacity: up to 227kg (when in use with ServerLIFT SL-500X or SL-500FX)
  • Maximum load capacity: up to 159kg (when in use with ServerLIFT SL-350X)





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