ServerLIFT RL-500 Platform Riser

Extend the load platform for ServerLIFT solutions: transport and lift heavy IT equipment in server rooms with low ceilings, contained racks, low-hanging lines or 3-m racks

The ServerLIFT SL-350X and SL-500X models and the older ServerLIFT SL-500 have a lifting mechanism where the support arm is vertically extended either manually or by battery (similar to a forklift) to lift the load to the required height in a rack. To ensure that the load can also be lifted in data centre environments with very low or suspended ceilings or low-hanging supply lines by the server lifters up to the very tops of the racks so that the vertically extended support arm does not hit the ceiling, an extension module for the ServerLIFT loading platform is available called the RL-500 Platform RISER. The module can be quickly and easily attached with butterfly screws to the ServerLIFT lifting platform. This increases the loading surface for the IT equipment by a good 40 cm. The riser can handle total weight of up to 227 kg and reaches the very top levels of the racks. The ServerLIFT Platform Riser is also ideally suited for use in very low, contained warm and cold aisles and for uneven ceiling surfaces.

The ServerLIFT RL-500 Platform Riser highlights:

  • Increases the lifting surface by up to 40 cm for the ServerLIFT SL500, SL-500X and SL-350X
  • Simple and quick attachment of the platform extension to the load surface of the server lifters with self-locking butterfly screws
  • Maximum capacity with extension: 227 kg (ServerLIFT SL-500X and SL-500) and 160 kg (ServerLIFT SL-350X)
  • Prevents the vertically extendable arm of the server lifter mechanism from hitting the ceiling, ceiling lines or surfaces of a data centre
  • Makes it possible to lift heavy IT equipment even within a contained warm or cold aisle with very low ceilings
  • In environments with 3 m high racks (ten-foot cabinets), IT equipment can be lifted even up to the highest rack level thanks to the ServerLIFT RL-500

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