Raritan IP-Reach

Remote access for kvm switches

With IP-Reach, multiple remote users get secure BIOS-level access to enable them to manage mission-critical servers. IP-Reach is an ideal complement to any KVM switch and it uses a unique video compression algorithm that minimizes network band-width consumption.

Basic concept

IP-Reach connects to the keyboard, video, and mouse ports of up to four servers or KVM switches. Using Raritan's powerful frame-grabber and Video Compression Algorithm, it captures, digitizes, and compresses the video signal before transmitting to a remote PC. The remote user has direct access and total control of target servers for maintenance, administration, and trouble-shooting, from running GUI applications to BIOS-level troubleshooting, and even rebooting.

Raritan offers two IP-Reach model lines: the TR Series and the M Series. Both model lines offer the same feature set and high performance. However, the TR Series offers the following hardware benefits demanded by carrier-grade class applications:

  • Dual Redundant Power Supply
  • Dual Failover Ethernet Controllers
  • Upgradeable Port Density (up to four ports)
  • Integrated Modem
  • 2U Rack Height


  • Up to 4 IP access ports for KVM switches or servers, and up to 4 direct analog access ports
  • Web-based KVM access via Internet, LAN/WAN, or dial-up modem
  • Web-based serial console access
  • Web-based administration of IP-Reach settings
  • DHCP or fixed IP addressing
  • Network-independent access via integrated modem (TR-Series) or dedicated modem port
  • SNMP enabled
  • Keyboard macro mapping
  • No impact on performance of target servers
  • SSL 128-bit RSA public key, 128-bit private key encryption
  • Raritan user authentication with optional RADIUS support
  • Uses only one open network port to preserve strict firewall settings
  • Customizable user profiles for multi-level security
  • Private security key and IP filtering
  • Two years warranty
Manufacturer Code Description
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-IPR-M1 M Serie 1-kvm port; 5 user licenses included, 1U
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-IPR-M2 M Serie 2-kvm ports; 5 user licenses included, 1U
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-IPR-TR361 TR Serie 1-kvm port; 5 user licenses included, 2U *
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-IPR-TR362 TR Serie 2-kvm-ports; 5 user licenses included, 2U*
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-IPR-TR364 TR Serie 4-kvm ports; 10 user licenses included, 2U*