Raritan Switch Man

Raritan KVM 2 and 4 Port

Raritans Switch Man KVM Switches are designed for small offices or home offices to work with 2 or up to 4 PCs. A KVM Switch helps to save money and space and is easy to connect.


Raritans SwitchMan series consists of threee versions:

  • SwitchMan
    2- or 4-port kvm siwtch for PS/2 computer with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse. USB computers and MACs are supported by a converter, but the Macintosh keyboard will be converted in a PS/2 mode.
  • SwitchMan USB
    2 or 4 port KVM Switch with an integrated Hub USB to share peripheral devices, such as printer, digital cameras, hard discs. Keybaord and mouse must have USB interfaces.
  • SwitchMan USB Combo
    2 or 4-Port KVM Switch for use with PS/2 or USB computers. Includes USB 2.0 hub and audio capability.
  • SwitchMan Cable Plus
    2-Port KVM Switch with integrated cables for PS/2 PCs and console. PCs with USB interfaces are supported by Rritans converter.


SwitchMan 2 or 4 port

  • Resolution 1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz
  • Works with desktops, workstations, servers, and laptops
  • Allows switching between PCs from front panel pushbuttons with LED indicators or easy hot-key Commands
  • No external power required

SwitchMan USB 2- oder 4-Port & USB Combo

  • Resolution 2048 x 1536 @ 85 Hz
  • Works with USB supported peripheral devices and keyboard/mouse with USB connectors
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse®3 ~ 5 Key Mouse and Microsoft Natural®keyboard pro-series
  • Can draw electric power from connected PCs or via external power supply (included)

SwitchMan Cable Plus 2 port KVM switch PS/2

  • Resolution 1920 x 1440
  • integrierted cable set 1,8m
  • Plug & Play
  • No external power required
Manufacturer Code Description
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-SW2 SwitchMan, 2 Port KVM Switch
Desktop KVM Switch
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-SW2-CP SwitchMan Cable Plus
2-Port kvm switch with integrated cable 1.8m
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-SW2-USB SwitchMan USB 2-Port
incl 2 cablesets 1.8m
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-SW4 SwitchMan, 4-Port KVM-Switch
Desktop KVM Switch
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-SW4-USB SwitchMan USB 4-Port
incl. 4 cablesets 1.8m
CPU Interface Cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CSWT18 Raritan cable for PS/2 computer
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CSWT30 Raritan cable for PS/2 computer
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CSWUSB 30 Raritan cable for USB computer
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CSWUSB18 Raritan cable for USB computer