Raritan Dominion KX101

1 Remote User - 1Port KVM over IP

The Dominion KX101 provides anytime, anywhere access and BIOS-level control of a single server, via a dedicated IP address. The Dominion KX101 shrinks all the performance and security features of Raritan's industry-leading remote KVM access and control technology into a "zero-U" single-port density form factor.

How it works

Multiple KX101s can be installed in a data center to provide fully non-blocked, switchless access by any user to any server. Multiple KX101s also can be deployed at multiple remote locations to provide anytime, anywhere, non-blocked access to any device in a company's distributed infrastructure. All of the KX101s and many other devices, including Raritan's Dominion KX, Dominion SX, Paragon II and HP iLO/RILOE, can be centrally managed through a single IP address, with Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway.

Power options:
Power over Ethernet (Mid Span Power Insertion or Signal Pair Power Insertion) and AC/DC power adapter.
The serial Admin console port provides an efficient way for the user to conduct configuration and diagnostics of the KX101, as well as, recover the factory default configuration. The Dominion KX101 can be fixed with versatile rack mounting bracket for horizontal mounting or as a vertical unit mounting on either side of the rack. On most Operating Systems the KX101 keyboard and mouse connections can be hot plugged. Additionally, KX101 can be swapped while the target server is still on, thus minimizing server downtime. With embedded Keyboard and Mouse emulation (KME) circuitry, the server will boot up properly while the KX101 is attached to it, even if the KX101 does not have power.


  • Provides anytime, anywhere BIOS-level access via the industry's broadest range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape).
  • Virtual KVM Desktop creates a user experience virtually indistinguishable from an "at-the-rack" connection
  • Multi-Platform KVM Client (MPC) works with all of the popular web browsers running on most major operating systems
  • PC Share mode lets up to eight users remotely access the same server for collaborative troubleshooting
  • Plug-and-play appliance is easily installed; up and running in minutes
  • Serial admin console port allows local configuration, diagnostics and resetting factory defaults
  • Work stand-alone or under the control of Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway centralized management appliance
Manufacturer Code Description
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-DKX101 Dominion KX 101
1 server port, 1 remote user, with integrated KVM cable