Protection starts at reception - Contactless measurement of body temperature

29/09/20 01:00:00 CEST

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the key symptoms of the Coronavirus and other diseases is a fever. Core temperature as well as skin surface temperature are used for testing; In public spaces, the surface temperature of the forehead is measured. Normally this can be done manually by using a portable device. This requires personnel to operate it, and very often social distancing cannot be maintained when taking the readings. Alternatively intelligent monitoring stations can be used, but these are associated with high investments and operational costs. The solution? Instamon Safe Entry. This solution, available from Daxten, for contactless measurement of body temperature can be easily wall mounted or fixed to a stand at a suitable height for users. No cables are required – the device‘s AA batteries allow for up to 100.000 measurements, meaning a long and reliable operation. After activation, the person is detected automactically and guided by arrows on the display to the optimal position for taking the measurements. The whole procedure takes only a few seconds and the system displays immediately if access to the building is granted or denied. 

Exact measurements and perfect positioning

For temperature measurement the solution uses a highly sensitive multipixel infrared sensor. The intelligent guiding system makes sure that the person is positioned quickly and easily into the right place for an accurate reading. The operating mode is compliant with GDPR. The complete measurement procedure is optimised by serveral features and is particulary reliable: Attempts to manipulate the temperature screening can be detected and signalled by an alarm. Thanks to intelligent reading analysis algorithms the solution identifies, if people are wearing glasses and indicates visually or optionally acoustically to take off the glasses to achieve a better accuracy of the temperature measurement. Even cold winter temperatures are recognised by the intelligent measurement analysis: If a person has been in the cold for a while, he or she will be visually or acoustically prompted to acclimatise for a few moments. After that the measurment will be carried out and precise measurement values are available at once. Further it is taken into account that in general the human body temperature changes and increases by approximately 0.6 degree Celsius during the day. So fixed threshold settings could possibly cause incorrect temperature reading results. That is why the Instamon system includes a clock and options to adjust the temperature thresholds based on the time of day.

Easy mounting and long lasting battery life for flexible utilisation

There is a wide range of mounting options available: The Instamon solution can be mounted directly to the wall or via VESA75 mounting bracket. Furthermore, it can be fixed to a stand or on a tripod, which provides flexible installation and operation possibilities. Since the system is battery operated, additional flexibility is given. Up to 100.000 measurements can be perfomed within a maximum time period of ten years. An optional wired external power supply can be added. The solution can also be integrated by a very compact connect module that allows to add the Instamon solution via two small relays to a building lighting or door control systems. Last but not least, the Instamon unit has an optional acoustic signal generator that can be activated upon request.

Wide range of applications

The scope of applications is wide and includes the receptions at hotels, restaurants, bars, and event locations, hospitals, medical practices, care facilities, retirement homes as well as the access areas of data centres, industry and production facilities, airports, railway and tube stations, to name but a few.   

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