Packet Power Wireless Gateway

Consolidate and convert all power and measured environmental data for existing data centre monitoring solutions

The Packet Power Gateway is the interface and transfer point for integrating the wireless monitoring systems into your existing data centre monitoring software. The Gateway simply uses the SNMP and/or Modbus over ethernet protocol to transmit the power consumption and temperature data to your monitoring solution both easily and securely. The Packet Power Gateway is available as a solo or enterprise solution. The solo version is an Ethernet gateway for up to 150 monitoring units. The enterprise version transfers the recorded data from up to a couple of hundred monitoring modules via multiple gateways.

Packet Power Gateway highlights:

  • The data of the wireless smart power cables and environmental monitors is consolidated to an existing monitoring platform
  • Data transmission and formatting in SNMP and/or Modbus over Ethernet
  • Complete SNMP support incl. SNMP traps
  • Consolidation of the data from several data hub sources
  • No data transmission and storage outside of the company network
  • Complete power monitoring using only 2 IP addresses


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