Packet Power Smart Current Monitor

The Smart Solution for the Wire-free Power Monitoring in the Data Centre

Monitoring made easy: The Packet Power Smart Current Monitor monitors up to six circuits. Housed in a compact enclosure that mounts into a single standard knockout hole (diameter: 33 mm), the design of the unit places a premium on compact size, low cost and installation simplicity. As soon as the monitors are energised, they automatically form a highly reliable wire-free mesh network for a true plug and play installation.

Packet Power Monitoring Architecture

The Packet Power Ethernet Gateway automatically detects any new monitoring devices and adds these seamlessly to the network. The monitors communicate via a mesh network routing traffic through any nearby monitors to find the optimal path back to a Gateway. This robust and resilient technology results in a wire-free network that is as reliable as a wired network but much easier to install, manage and secure. Gateways, which can each support up to 150 monitoring units, can be added to expand capacity and provide redundancy.

From the moment the monitors are energised, all data is immediately available using the EMX Energy Portal or interfaces with most Building Management Systems (BMS) or Data Centre Infrastrucuture Management Applications.

Retrofit Busway Monitoring

The Smart Current Monitor is a simple and cost effective solution for integration into new busways or for retrofitting to existing ones. Mounted to a tap-off unit, up to 6 circuits can be monitored. The measurements for A and Ah are availble via local a display. When an optional Packet Power wire-free monitoring unit is placed on the end feed, full power and energy measurements (kW, KWh) are available for the end feed and kVA and kVA hours are available for each circuit. The Optional Power Monitor measures power over the entire bus run and provides full energy information including power factor.

Highlights of the Smart Current Monitor System

  • Monitors current and amp-hours on up to six channels
  • Available with solid core or split core CTs
  • Local LED display
  • Measures internal temperature
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Improves reliability and availability compared to wired monitors.
  • Highly secure wireless network isolates monitoring devices from primary data networks
  • Self configuring network that minimises IT resource requirements Monitor VA when used with a Packet Power wireless end feed power monitor
  • Optional EMX Energy Portal makes information instantly available
  • Easy integration with BMS and DCIM systems
  • Global certifications
  • Built on wire-free technology proven to work in critical facilities

Installation Advantages

  • Fits any enclosure
  • No communications wiring
  • Standard mounting hole
  • CTs plug in quickly
  • Low installation time
  • Split or solid core CTs
  • No DIP switches
  • Wire-free updates and changes

Advanced Current Monitoring Applications

  • Busway
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Branch Circuits
  • Switchgear


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