Packet Power Manager Software

Control and manage all power consumption and temperatures in the data centre

The Packet Power Power Manager Software lets you control and centrally manage all power consumption and environmental parameters in every data centre. The Power Manager Software gives a graphical overview of all measurement points and recorded data so that facility and data centre personnel can control the consumption and temperatures for every IT device, rack level, individual rack, cabinet row or for the entire environment and allocate electricity and energy costs accordingly. When used in conjunction with the Packet Power Smart Power Cables, detailed reports on the status quo of consumption and temperatures can be created as well as trend reports for the expected values. Critical thresholds can also be predefined that automatically trigger warnings when exceeded.

Packet Power Power Manager highlights:

  • Complete control of power consumption at circuit, device and rack level, for an individual room or for any combination of the different levels.
  • Real-time display of all environmental parameters and consumption in graphical diagram of the data centre
  • Consumption allocation per IT device, rack, customer or application
  • Supports every environment size from a simple power board to an enterprise data centre
  • Saves time and money: the Smart Power Cables are available in all conventional voltages, amperes and with various connectors and can be quickly and easily installed.
  • A wireless mesh network automatically adjusts when monitoring units are added or removed.
  • Easy to set thresholds and automatic alerts
  • Simple and secure access to data via Power Manager, reports or the web portal
  • Only two IP addresses are required for every environment

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