Packet Power Monitoring for Panelboards

Measure, control and optimise the power usage in the data centre with wire-free branch circuit monitoring

Packet Power offers the ideal solution for adding power monitoring to your existing panelboards or to control cabinets in your data centre. Based on Packet Power’s proven wire-free technology, the system can be installed without the need form data communications cabling.  This combined with using the packet power flexible current sensor harnesses make installation within the panel easy. The measurements (V, A, VA, W, Wh, PF and Hz) are available at once and can be controlled by a dedicated management tool called EMX Energy Portal or via BMS or DCIM applications form third party vendors.

All power measurements available at a glance via SNMP, Modbus or EMX GUI interface

The monitoring units for the panelboard communicate wirelessly with a gateway that transfers the data via SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP to the dedicated EMX user interface. This software or cloud application generates automatic reports, e.g. for the power usage per circuit. In addition it is possible to set thresholds to receive alerts in the event of critical power conditions occuring. Alternatively all data can be transfered to any existing BMS or DCIM solution.

Installation to online in minutes:

  1. Mount the monitoring unit; can be wall-mounted, attached to the in room PDU, or installed under the floor
  2. Place the pre-wired CT harness assembly next to the panels and snap the current transformers over the existing conductors; the harnesses connect to the monitoring unit using the two interface cables
  3. Connect the voltage sensing leads to existing conductors using the insulation displacement connectors
  4. Once powered, the monitoring unit automatically connects to the Gateway and data will be available


  • Prevent unplanned outages
  • Set alerts to spot anomalies before they become problems
  • Balance loads more effectively
  • Manage current and future facility capacity
  • Allocate energy costs at the circuit or panel level
  • Automated reports including energy by user, circuit and group
  • Lower installation costs
  • Fully self-optimising wire-free network lowers ongoing support costs


  • Monitors any combination of single-, 2- and 3-phase circuits up to a maximum of 42 single-phase circuits per panel
  • Dual panel capability enables monitoring up to 84 circuits
  • Installs on PDUs, RPPs or panelboards from any vendors
  • Measures V, A, VA, W, Wh, PF and Hz
  • Enables continuous energy monitoring to determine PUE
  • Local LED displays Amps on branch circuits and V, A and W on main input circuit
  • Split and solid core CTs available
  • Split core CTs install without having to disconnect critical power systems
  • Flexible current sensor harnesses install in minutes
  • No data wiring to panels
  • Send data via SNMP or Modbus or access with EMX Energy Portal

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