Packet Power Environmental Monitor

Consolidated capture and control of hundreds of temperature and humidity measurement points in the data centre

The Packet Power Environmental Monitor wirelessly records the data measured at the various measurement points in the data centre and server room and consolidates it at a single system level. Hundreds of different measured values can be collected and displayed for every environment – per room, cabinet row, rack or even for the different levels and heights in an individual rack.

Packet Power Environmental Monitor highlights:

  •  Simple recording of temperature and humidity values at several hundred measurement points per environment
  • Comparison of actual and target values in real-time for an environment
  • Display of the various temperature zones at rack level
  • Recording of the temperature values for up to 6 different sections per rack
  • Comparison of the temperature zones for two adjacent racks
  • Powered by power supply or battery (Batteries are not included.)
  • Communication with other Packet Power Wireless Monitoring units
  • Seamless integration in the Packet Power Power Manager or in an existing monitoring system via the Packet Power Gateway


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