Packet Power EMX Energy Portal

The cockpit for displaying, monitoring and analysing power and environmental parameters in data centres

The Packet Power EMX management tool manages all Packet Power wireless monitoring units (Environmental Monitor module and Smart Power Cable) installed in a data centre environment and consolidates the power and environmental data gathered by the monitoring modules. The EMX Energy Portal processes this data to create real-time and trend reports on power usage which can be displayed as customisable charts and diagrams. You can keep an eye on how much power your IT devices have used either in a dashboard display or in table format, for example, along with the power circuit load, the temperature and humidity in the racks, electricity costs and CO2 emissions.  

User-defined power consumption and environmental reports, limits and alerts

User-defined profiles, displays and reports on power usage as well as temperature changes at room, circuit, PDU, rack or device level can be created for every individual or facility-wide data centre infrastructure, Limits can be defined ahead of time for critical power settings and environmental conditions so that alerts are triggered automatically if a problem arises.

Easy setup and seamless integration of hundreds of wireless monitoring units

The EMX software can be installed locally or it is available as a web or cloud application. After plug & play setup, the application immediately starts integrating the monitoring modules, transfers their data and begins processing it. Users can assign unique names to all wireless monitoring units and customise tables, reports and charts to meet individual needs. Hierarchically structured use and access levels can be configured for the data so that, for example, colocation, hosting or housing providers can provide their customers with dedicated reports. All conventional web browsers support authentication for and access to the EMX portal.

The highlights of the Packet Power EMX Energy Portal application:

  • Management tool for Packet Power Wireless Environmental Monitoring units and Smart Power cable
  • Manages thousands of monitoring points, also facility-wide
  • Captures, analyses and reports the data gathered at room, circuit, rack, PDU and device level
  • Real-time display of power consumption values, temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • Dynamic charts and diagrams show power and environmental values
  • Trend reports on power use, electricity costs and CO2 emissions
  • Configuration of hierarchical access levels
  • Free name assignment for wireless monitoring modules
  • Predefined limits and alerts
  • Access via (local) software, web and/or cloud service


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