Packet Power Compact Environmental Monitors

Wire-free radio monitoring: The easiest and most affordable way to monitor environmental conditions in your data centre

Packet Power’s wire-free radio environmental monitors E300 and E302 provide the flexibility to monitor temperature and relative humidity exactly where you need it. They are an easy to install, cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and improve reliability in your data centre facility. They gather temperature data from one to three points per unit and measure relative humidity exactly where you need it.

Installed in seconds without cabling

At less than 50mm x 50mm in size, the new battery-powered devices can be mounted in seconds directly to the rack door or anywhere else you need monitoring. Both compact environmental monitors include internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. The E302 model also includes two external temperature probe ports for measuring up to 3 temperature points. These compact models complement existing Packet Power environmental monitoring solutions that support 6 and 12 temperature probes per unit for higher density monitoring.

Wire-free radio technology for enhanced environmental monitoring

Packet Power’s self-configuring radio mesh network makes installation simple. Adding new monitors and gateways  is easy as the system automatically configures and manages itself. Because the system determines the optimal path for every transmission, performance stays consistent even as the network grows. The unique wireless monitoring protocol is different to WiFi or Zigbee and was purpose-built for data centres. It allows for a complete separation of  the wireless monitoring network from the wired data network and supports full encryption. The resulting mesh network is more resilient and secure than other systems

Packet Power E300 and E302 Environmental Monitor Highlights:

  • Simple recording of temperature and relative humidity values
  • Measurement of various temperature zones at rack level
  • Recording of the temperature values for up to 3 different sections per rack
  • Powered by battery (Batteries are not included.)
  • Communication with other Packet Power wireless monitoring units
  • Seamless integration in the Packet Power Power EMX Portal and to other third party monitoring systems via the Packet Power Gateway
  • Identify hot spots, optimise airflow and focus cooling on areas where it’s most needed
  • Safely raise ambient temperature to reduce energy costs while avoiding damage to equipment from overheating
  • Manage relative humidity to make sure you are not at risk of electrostatic discharge
  • Be alerted to changes that may indicate potential performance problems



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