Raritan MasterConsole MX

Multiuser Matrix KVM Switch

The MX is part of Raritan's MasterConsole family of KVM products that are highly scalable, have a proven record of performance, and are compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems.The MasterConsole MXU2 is ideal for small to mid-size server rooms or data centers requiring KVM access and control. This space-saving KVM switch can help eliminate costly and redundant equipment by providing centralized access from a single workstation.

Basic Concept

The Master Console MX is a multi-platform KVM Switch, allowing each user a simultaneous access to each of the 8, 16 or 32 computers, with cascaded units up to 1.024. MasterConsole is engineered for dependability. Has a dedicated, intelligent processor at each port so each connected server "sees" its own keyboard and mouse, preventing lockup. Ensures nonstop server operation in case of power loss to the switch with Raritan"s unique "keep-alive" design.

The MasterConsole MXU2 lets 1 to 2 users control up to 128 servers with cascaded units. Includes built-in extended access capability via Cat5e cable up to 300 meters (with model URKVMG receiver at remote workstation). Stores up to 120 user names and profiles.

The MasterConsole MX4 lets 1 to 4 users control up to 1024 servers with cascaded units. PublicView feature enables 2 or more users to share video and stores up to 60 user names and profiles.


  • Allows a mix PCs, Macs, Suns, Alphas, RS/6000s, HP9000s, and SGIs with Raritan Guardian converters
  • Built in dedicated keyboard and mouse emulators for flawless operation
  • Offering models to connect 8, 16, or 32 computers with up to 4 user consoles
  • Locate computers or cascaded units up to 1,000 feet away from the MX using Cat5 Reach
  • Supports high-resolution video to 1600 x 1200
  • Assign meaningful names to connected computers and select from pop-up, on-screen menus
  • MX4 offers PublicView video sharing features with several options for users to share video with follow along and camp-on actions
  • Available on-site firmware upgrades via built-in RJ11 administration port
  • Engineered with multilevel security to ensure authorized access to each computer by each user
  • 2 years warranty
Manufacturer Code Description
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MX48 MasterConsole MX4, 8-Port KVM-Switch, 4 Users
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MX416 MasterConsole MX4, 16-Port KVM-Switch, 4 Users
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MXU216 Master Console MXU2 16 Channel, 2 Users
16 Port KVM Switch without Remote Receiver
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MXU216G MasterConsole MX2U, 16-Port KVM-Switch, 2 Users
incl. Remote Receiver 300 meter
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MXU28 Raritan 2-User Port, 8 Channel Model
2 user up to 8 server
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-MXU28G MasterConsole MXU2, 8-Port, 2 Users
incl. Remote Receiver 300 meter
CPU Interface Cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CCP06 PS/2-PS-2-VGA Cable 0.6m
Computer connection cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CCPT20 New Ultra Thin PS/2-PS/2-VGA Cable 2m
Computer connection cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CCPT40 New Ultra Thin PS/2-PS/2-VGA Cable 4m
Computer connection cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CCPT60 New Ultra Thin PS/2-PS/2-VGA Cable 6m
Computer connection cable
Raritan (Peppercon) RA-CCPT90 New Ultra ThinPS/2-PS/2-VGA Cable 9m
Computer connection cable