PDU systems for power management, monitoring and metering servers and network components in a data centre´s rack

Monitored rack PDU (power distribution unit) solutions allow system operators and data centre facility technicians to control, monitor and manage the power supply for every individual IT component in a rack or server cabinet both remotely or locally on-site. All of the power parameters for every individual power port (outlet), port groups, the entire PDU or multiple PDUs as well as at rack level or for an entire server room or data centre environment can be centrally recorded and analysed and made available as comprehensive kW performance reports and trend reports. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the monitored PDUs and power data are controlled via a dedicated user GUI, a Telnet session, a web-based power management interface or a DCIM application. If there are a lot of monitored rack PDU systems, external modem support guarantees out-of-band access to the network at all times. Many monitored power strips also have integrated sensors (or can be optionally equipped with them) that record the most important environmental conditions (including temperature, humidity and smoke build-up) in and around a rack. If the preset threshold values are exceeded, the monitored PDUs automatically trigger an alarm and alerts are sent simultaneously to the technical staff via SMTP, SMS or SNMP.