Daxten Voyager Micro

Mini UTP KVM Extender

The Voyager Micro KVM extender is an economical solution extending your keyboard, monitor and mouse away from the system unit, up to 70 meters away over a single Cat5/6 cable. The Voyager Micro is available in two models PS/2 and USB. All models of the Voyager Micro require that that the keyboard and mouse that you will use be PS/2 type. The USB model supports Windows 98 and later, SUN, SGI, MAC and other operating systems that support a USB interface

KVM Extender - how it works

With the Voyager Micro kvm extender, you can locate your keyboard, monitor and mouse up to 70 Meters away, especially suitable for "dirty" environments and security concious areas where the PC has to be locked away. You simply plug the Transmitter into the back of the PC, a keyboard, monitor and mouse into the Receiver unit and both linked together by a Cat.5/6 cable - no cards or software to install, simple plug n play technology. No noticeable loss in signal quality or timing. Work as if you were directly attached to the system unit.

Voyager 100 / 300 KVM Extender up to 100m or up to 300m
Sun KVM Extender Control your Sun computer from two locations. One near the computer, one up to 1000ft away
Rackmount 6 or 12 computers independently controlled from 1000ft away


  • Easy to install
  • Works with any 15 pin Monitor (VGA, SVGA, XVGA)
  • Voyager Micro KVM CAT5 Extender 1280 x 1024 up to 50m (160 feet); 1024 x 768 up to 70m( (220ft)
  • Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
  • Connection between transmitter and receiver via simple CAT5
  • Twisted Pair cables
  • 2 years warranty
Manufacturer Code Description
DAXTEN 1032-01MP Voyager Micro PS/2
kvm extender up to 70m (220ft)
DAXTEN 1032-01MU Voyager Micro USB
kvm extender up to 70m (220ft)