Daxten SCOUTmicro

Mini KVM Switch

The SCOUTmicro mini KVM switch with integrated cables allows you to control 2 computers from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. This micro kvm switch connect PS/2 or USB console and computers depending on the version you have.

Basic Concepts

The SCOUTmicro kvm switch has outstanding keyboard and mouse emulation for flawless booting and switching. Reliable function is ensured by using power from the keyboard connection to the computer. Switching is smooth, uninterupted and instantaneous when you execute the simple hotkey commands and now through an external push button.


  • Saves on hardware cost, electricity, time while reducing space requirements
  • SCOUTmicro kvm switch supports extremely high resolution up to 2048 x 1536 @ 85 Hz
  • SCOUTmicro DVI-D kvm switch resolution up to1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
  • Supports most popular types of keyboards and mice
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation during boot-up and operation
  • Switching through hotkey commands
  • Switching through external push button
  • Operating system independent
  • SCOUTmicro USB kvm switch supports USB compatible console and computers
Manufacturer Code Description
DAXTEN 1014-02 MP SCOUTmicro PS/2 2-Port Switch
with integrated cables (1,8m), supports PS/2 computers
DAXTEN 1014-02 MU SCOUTmicro USB 2-Port KVM Switch
with integrated cables (1,8m), supports USB computers
DAXTEN 1014-02MD SCOUTmicro DVD-D USB1.1