Lift and load heavy IT equipment with a simple slide into the cabinet

11/09/19 11:15:00 CEST

Actually, it goes without saying that in today‘s working environment there should be no need for data centre personnel to struggle getting heavy IT equipment to and from data cabinets. Equally, they should not then be risking injury to themselves by maually lifting equipment into the racks. It should be normal best practice that data centre personnel have available to them suitable working apparatus for the transportation, lifting and installation of heavy IT devices. Daxten, the data centre optimisation expert, has contributed to data centre safety for many years by offering innovative ServerLIFT solutions. Depending on model version, the battery or manually operated lifters are able to transport loads of up to 453 kilograms within the data centre and allow the lifting of these precisely to the desired rack mounting height. Adding to existing ServerLIFT solutions a new accessory is available now: The GT-1000X Bi-Directional Glide Table allows the perfect alignment, sliding and insertion of servers or switches into the cabinet.

The mounting of the glide table on the loading platform of the ServerLIFT models SL-1000X, SL-500X, SL-350X or SL-500FX requires just a few simple steps and can be done within a few seconds. The glide table consists of a heavy duty solid roller conveyor, which allows the back and forth movement of the heavy IT equipment with very little effort. The integrated rollers can be locked out with the built-in brake for safely securing the servers or switches in place during transport. After releasing the break, the equipment glides effortlessly with gentle guidance into the rack and can be mounted without causing any damage to the IT equipment or injury to the operator.

In combination with the battery operated ServerLIFT SL-1000X, the maximum load of the Glide Table accessory is up to 453 kilograms, which is equal to the maximum load capacity of the lifter. In the same way, the maximum load of the GT-1000X Glide Table in conjunction with the other ServerLIFT models depends on the maximum permissible load capacity of the corresponding lifter in use. Even with the manually operated ServerLIFT SL-350X, IT-hardware with a weight up to 159 kilograms can be very easily and safely transported, lifted, precisely aligned and inserted into every cabinet in the data centre.

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