Extensive monitoring of sensitive areas in data centres prevents water leaks, downtime and serious damage

If liquid gets into the sensitive areas of a data centre, the result could be system disruptions, downtime or, in the worst case, serious and long-lasting damage to the entire data centre infrastructure that could bring operations and all IT services to a standstill. To prevent this kind of catastrophe from even happening in the first place, it is advisable to monitor the areas in server rooms and data centres at risk of leaks either with a spot detector or a system that monitors more expansive areas. Detectors and/or sensors in the right places detect when liquid gets in (water, bases, acids, etc.), zone controllers register and pinpoint the liquid and trigger alarms right away so that measures can be initiated or automatically initiated either by the data centre personnel or by DCIM or BMS systems that can be integrated into a leak monitoring solution. This proactive and reliable protection is easy to integrate not just into data centre environments of all sizes but also into data centre containers or other data centre architectures and designs.