Minicom MX II

Two User KVM Management

Two Phantom users can simultaneously control and manage up to 63 servers in mixed, multi-platform environments (PS/2, SUN, RS-232, USB) from two separate KVM consoles. The Minicom Phantom's Distributed Switching Technology (DST) divides the KVM switch into smaller subunits: two Managers and multiple Remote units.

How it works

The Phantom MX II kvm switch system consists of one Phantom MX II Manager unit per system, one Universal Phantom Manager (UPM) unit per system and one Remote unit per computer (Specter II) up to 63 per line. The Specter modules are connected directly to the servers to be controlled and connected to each other via standard CAT5 cable. Flexible server/KVM console placement up to 110m/360ft away.

The Phantom MX II kvm switch features advanced On Screen Display (OSD)management, including multi-layered security, the most efficient way for monitoring, accessing and controlling your servers. You can also manage your Phantom system, via serial port, using the Phantom's Control Software or any other third party software.


  • Non-blocking, multi user control of up to 63 servers on a single line
  • Mixed Multi-Platform Support - PS/2, SUN, USB, RS-232
  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200 @85 Hz
  • Zero U rack space - more room for servers
  • Low density CAT5 cabling that ends cable clutter
  • Scalable - buy only what you need and add as you grow
  • supports DOS, Windows, LINUX, UNIX, HP UX / QNX, SGI, FreeBSD, BeOS, Open VMS, NOVELL
  • 3 years warrenty
Manufacturer Code Description
Minicom MC-OSU52015 Phantom UPM - Universal Phantom Manager
Basis Unit for Phantom System
Minicom MC-OSU52016 Phantom MXII
2 User extension for UPM
Minicom MC-OSU52023 Rackmanager UPM Kit
Minicom MC-OSU52056 Phantom 263
Bundle MXII and UPM
CPU Interface Cable
Minicom MC-OSU51011 Phantom Specter II USB / SUN
connection needs CAT5 cable
Minicom MC-OSU51012 Phantom Specter II PS2
connection needs CAT5 cable
Minicom MC-OSU51013 Phantom Specter II SUN
connection need CAT5 cable
Minicom MC-OSU51014 Phantom Specter II RS232
connection needs CAT5 cable
Minicom MC-OSU51004 Phantom Specter PS2 remote unit