KVM extenders, consoles and audio signal extension for remote access via cat, fibre optic or IP cable between servers, KVM switches and USB devices

KVM extenders, KVM extensions or also extension solutions let you use a console (keyboard, mouse, monitor) to remotely operate an individual computer up to 300 m away or a KVM switch and the connected servers or computers. The console is usually connected to the remote peripherals by standard UTP cables (CAT5/6/6e/x). However, versions are also available that transmit the KVM and/or audio signals as well as the devices that use serial communication via TCP/IP connections or via light waves (fibre) or wirelessly. For the KVM Extension over IP technology, there are no distance limitations and the signals are shown in high-quality just as is the case with the CATx-based systems. Banks, stock exchanges, trade shows, industrial users and IT offices as well as IT service providers that want to or have to operate, administer, control and maintain their own computers or those of their customers in less than ideal environmental conditions benefit in particular from the use of the KVM Extender.

Easy and effective digital signage: make video and audio signals from a single source audible and visible on more than 100 monitors and loudspeakers

Video or monitor splitters, special A/V broadcast switches and KVM extenders (DVI, USB, fibre, wireless, serial) ensure the transmission of video and audio signals with no quality loss from a central host computer to one, several or hundreds of monitors. They make it possible, for example, to do away with static advertising messages and instead present them dynamically and interactively in audio-visual media right at the POS (point-of-sale) or POI (point-of-information). They are thus a vital component of all digital signage advertising forms at train stations, airports, trade shows and shopping centres.