Daxten Voyager 100 / 300

KVM-Extender - High Resolution

The Daxten Voyager 100 and 300 kvm extender enables you to extend the keyboard, monitor and mouse from your computer up to 100 or 300 m (1,000ft)on a single CAT 5 cable, without the loss of signal. Perfect for banks, trading rooms, exhibitions and other mission critical locations. Allows you to quietly place your computers in remote security rooms, server racks or simply away from the action.

Basic Concepts

The Voyager kvm extender is compact yet powerful. Both the transmitter and receiver are constructed of steel and come with the appropriate cables to allow you to plug the Voyager KVM extender into the computer and your keyboard, monitor sand mouse. Since the extension between the transmitter and receiver utilizes standard structured cable (Cat. 5 UTP), inexpensive or previously installed cables can be used, reducing installation costs dramatically.


Voyager Micro Designed for use up to 70m
Sun KVM Extender Control your Sun computer from two locations. One near the computer, one up to 1000ft away
Rackmount KVM extender 6 or 12 computers independently controlled from 1000ft away


  • User-adjustable video equalization controls for optimum picture quality
  • Works on any 15 pin Monitor (VGA, SVGA and XVGA)
  • AT and PS/2 keyboard support
  • PS/2 and Wheel mouse support
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation. Your computer will boot with no mouse attached
  • The kvm extender Voyager 100 (to 100m) supports 1600 x 1200 resolution up to 50m and 1280 x 1024 up to 100m
  • The kvm extender Voyager 300 (to 300m)supports a resolution up to 1600 x 1280 @85 Hz (100m, 1280 x 1024 (150m) and 1024 x 768 (300m)
  • Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
  • Utilizes standard 4 pair CAT 5 cable for inexpensive extension
  • Compact transmitter and receiver units
  • Can be used in conjunction with a variety of KVM switche for extended control of multiple computers
  • Power supply included
  • All required cables except Cat 5 link cable included
  • Comes with a two-years warranty
Manufacturer Code Description
DAXTEN 1034-121P Voyager 100 Dual Extender
Extends to 300ft/100m with one Cat 5 cable (former price 450,00)
DAXTEN 1034-321P Voyager 300 Dual Extender
KVM - Extender up to 300m
DAXTEN 9016-00B PS/2 5VDC Power Supply Kit
DAXTEN 1034-00A Voyager 100 / 300 Rackmount Kit