Minicom Smart IP Extender

KVM Switch Access over IP

The Smart IP Extender extends your keyboard, video and mouse to provide sophisticated remote KVM access via IP to servers. Working from their desks, homes, or any location in the world, network administrators can manage, configure, troubleshoot and reboot remote servers. With the Smart IP Extender, businesses can increase the productivity of their IT staff while saving the costs of downtime, travel, and expensive service calls.

How it works

Featuring integrated system management, the Smart IP Extender fits easily into existing IT environments. And its browser-based functionality avoids the need to install proprietary software on client or server.

The Smart IP Extender lets you connect directly to servers on the BIOS level, and is compatible with all major KVM switching systems. Together with the Minicom Phantom, it can remotely access and control mixed environments, including PS/2,SUN,and USB devices.

The industry's most secure encryption guards your corporate data through every kind of remote access, to efficiently prevent hacking and security breaches.

The Smart IP Extender gives you convenient access using standard TCP/IP connections to mission-critical servers through the Internet or LAN. And if the network is down, you can reach remote servers via DSL, ISDN, modem, or back-up LAN.

Multiple Remote Access Applications

  • Remote KVM access to any single computer or racks of servers
  • Network administrators maintaining servers across the campus or the world
  • Technicians troubleshooting remote PCs from their own offices or homes
  • Call Centers providing remote computer support for home workers
  • Help desks supplying technical support to customers
  • Software vendors providing remote support


  • Extend your KVM via IP across the building or across the world
  • Remote KVM access to any single computer or racks of servers
  • Highly secure encryption protects sensitive corporate data
  • BIOS-level access gives complete network and OS independence
  • Slash the costs of downtime, travel expenses, and service calls
  • Choose access via Internet, LAN, or modem
  • DSL, ISDN or analog modem back up in case of network failures
  • Browser-based access
  • 3 year warranty
Manufacturer Code Description
Minicom MC-OSU21022 Minicom Smart IP Extender
Minicom MC-5AC00202 Rackmounting Plate
For UPM, MXII, Smart IP and DX