Instant Data Centers INSTANT HPC 42U

Relocatable micro data centre solution for high density edge infrastructures

The Instant HPC is a 42U, high-density, hyper-efficient micro data centre capable of cooling fully redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW. The enclosure uses pre-engineered closed loop (re-circulated) cooling with zero bypass airflow. This “best practice” method of cooling contains the hot and cold aisles providing one of the greenest IT solutions on the market today. Deployable outdoors or indoors, the Instant HPC features active fire suppression, electronic security, environmental monitoring and building automation. These interfaces make it the most powerful and easy to implement containerised edge data centre product on the market today.

Grouped together or as single units, more than 1000 W/ft2 density can be achieved with little or no site prep, design or construction.

Instant Data Centers INSTANT HPC Highlights:

  • Closed loop cooling can support high temperature water and redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW
  • Fully redundant cooling system with self-adjusting valves, requires only a mechanical setup
  • Hot swappable and field upgradable Heat Exchanger (HX) and fan assemblies
  • Indoor/ Outdoor IP56 enclosure
  • Shock and vibration isolation
  • Industry standard 19” wide x 1067mm (42”) deep racks are fully adjustable
  • Built-in environmental monitoring with optional IP control and GUI interface
  • Active fire suppression


  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Tier IV data centre
  • Multi-tenant data centre
  • High-density zone
  • Data centre hot zones
  • High-dense edge computing

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