Instant Data Centers MINI EDGE 30U

Micro data centre solution built for the edge

The Mini Edge is a 30U micro-modular data centre that provides from 2.5KW to 8.0KW (8.000 – 27.000 BTU) of closed loop cooling directly to the industry’s latest high-density equipment with no need for costly infrastructure. The mobile platform allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment with ease. The relocatable platform can be moved with a pallet jack. The compact and affordable Mini Edge provides the perfect platform for businesses and government agencies requiring a quick and cost-effective turnkey data storage solution or co-location alternative. The enclosure also is available in a ruggedised outdoor platform to deliver high performance computing in remote and nonstandard areas of the world.

Instant Data Centers MINI EDGE Highlights:

  • IP52, IP55, IP65 and IP66 environmental protection
  • Close loop cooling
  • Mobile and relocatable platforms allow one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of equipment
  • Industry standard 19” EIA rack
  • Sound dampening
  • Optional active fire suppression
  • 16R insulation option
  • Electronic keys interface
  • Can operate indoors or outdoors


  • Hybrid cloud
  • Data centre retrofit
  • Communication PoP
  • Mobile computing
  • High-density zone
  • Emergency management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote loaction
  • Edge computing
  • IoT & smart cities


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