Digi CM

Digi - Console Management over IP

With this console Management server administrators can securely monitor and control servers, routers, switches, PBXs, firewalls and other network devices from anywhere over IP.

How it works

The Digi CM console Management connects to console serial ports of Cisco and Sun devices using standard CAT5 cables. Converter and adaptors are offered to most servers. Users may perform key console management functions and configuration using Digi's Web User Interface built right into the unit. Intuitive port-naming and multi level menuing make the Digi CM the easiest to use console server on the market.

New Feature - Virtual KVM

The CM also supports Virtual KVM, which allows users to take advantage of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocols to have application level control over their servers. This new feature is available in the 1.8 firmware release.

Security SSH v2

The SSH protocol is used for secure communications between computer platforms. SSH uses an encryption technique that does not require the transfer of passwords between accounts. Using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), SSH generates and employs a public/private key-pair to identify a user to an account and to allow other users access to the account. Digi CM employs SSH v2 encryption to keep server access passwords safe from intruders, and supports all popular SSH clients.


  • SUN, Cisco, IBM, HP, UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows 2003 server compatibel
  • SSH v2 for secure access
  • Automatic device recognition for simple stup
  • Authentification: RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos and LDAP for a variety of authentication options
  • PC Card slot for wiFi, memory or modem cards
  • Management:
    • Command line
    • Web-HTTP/HTTPS
    • SNMP
    • Port triggers and alerts
    • Multi-level menuing
    • Auto-discovery and automatic device recognition
  • 19" rack mount kit included
  • Standard CAT5 cabling for RJ 45 serial ports
Manufacturer Code Description
Digi International DG-70001909 Digi CM 32 port RJ45 Console Server
Digi International DG-70001911 Digi CM 16 port RJ 45 Console Server
Digi International DG-70001932 Digi CM 8 port RJ45 Console Server
Digi International DG-70001950 Digi CM 48 port RJ45 Console Server
Digi International DG-76000670 Digi RJ45 zu DB25M Modem Adapter
8 pieces
Digi International DG-76000671 Digi RJ45 zu DB9F
Crossover 8 pieces
Digi International DG-76000672 Digi RJ45 zu DB25M Console Adapter
Crossover 8 pieces
Digi International DG-76000673 Digi RJ45 zu DB25F
Crossover 8 pieces