Daxten presents the ultimate doorman for data centres on stand D540

26/02/18 09:30:00 CET

When it is necessary to protect sensitive corporate data, attention should be turned not only to external cyber-threats, but also to internal threats. In order to protect the physical integrity of the data centre a strong defense system must be implemented that allows administrators to monitor who has access to the racks, servers, and network devices. A key role in the security of data centres is ensuring that racks are only accessed by authorised users. A silver bullet to protect data from unauthorised access, manipulation, theft, and vandalism is the TZ SlideHandle; a retrofittable locking system for rack doors that is compatible with all major server cabinets. This solution will be demonstrated on the Daxten stand (D540) at Data Centre World 2018, which is being held at ExCeL London on the 21st and 22nd March.

The TZ SlideHandle is capable of being mounted on existing cabinets with swing doors that are equipped with either a single-point or multi-point locking mechanism. In order to cope with long-term and high mechanical stress, the locking mechanism is composed of a special metal with Smart Memory Alloy (SMA). The opening and closing of the door can only be initiated via an integrated sensor on the door handle. A multi-coloured LED-band on the handle shows the locking status for each rack door, and they are visible up to 30 meters away. In the event of a power outage, the racks doors can be manually overridden by authorised users.

In conjunction with the monitoring systems TZ Praetorian Junction and TZ Centurion the locking status of every rack equipped with a TZ SlideHandle system can be controlled remotely, via a Cat or IP connection. It is also possible to remotely lock and unlock the rack doors using these extensions. Furthermore the system will monitor how long rack doors are opened for and when they are closed again.

In addition, these components offer extended security and safety features: Existing or new RFID, smartcard, or biometric ID systems can be integrated, so that only after a successful authorisation process, will the door´s unlocking unit be triggered. Without the necessary credentials, individuals will be incapable of accessing the racks. If unauthorised access is attempted it will activate the door contact-warning message via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). For the comprehensive management of user and access rights, the TZ Praetorian system can collaborate with existing access control solutions for buildings.

Further information on the TZ products is available from Daxten on +353 (0)61 23 4000 or via info.ie@daxten.com. Or visit Data Centre World London, on the 21st and 22nd March at the Daxten stand D540, to view the latest in data centre mission critical power distribution, wire-free radio power and environmental monitoring, structural suspended ceilings and edge computing infrastructure solutions.