Daxten presents efficient airflow from the raised floor to all rack levels on stand D540

28/02/18 09:15:00 CET

To ensure conditioned air makes its way from the CRAC unit through the raised floor, to the cold aisle and ultimately to the front of the server racks,it is necessary to ensure optimal airflow conditions at all raised floor openings. Using conventional grilles or perforated tiles is not ideal as they are unable to direct the conditioned air with the required pressure and velocity to equally cool hardware at the top and bottom of the cabinets. The passive Triad floor tiles from RLE Technologies are equipped with stratification airflow fins that ensure cooled air is directed to all cabinet levels. The unique design of the tile means that they can also be deployed to counteract the effects of negative airflow. The tiles fin and baffle design reverses the effects of air being sucked under the floor which is particularly common in vented tiles located close to CRAC units. These floor tiles will be presented on the Daxten stand (D540) at Data Centre World 2018, which is being held at ExCeL London on the 21st and 22nd March.

Cooler server temperatures with lower energy consumption

Frequently the cooled air flowing through raised floor panels does not reach servers and IT equipment at the top of the server cabinets. Hardware is not cooled properly, overheats and can fail. High-plume airflow and high cold air pressure can resolve these problems. Increasing static air pressure via the CRAC units only increases energy costs and rarely gives the desired effect – pushing cold air to the top of the server racks. The result of using inefficient perforated floor tiles is enormous power consumption, ever increasing energy costs and hotspots. There is another solu­tion that is both cost effective and efficient: Triad tiles from RLE Technology are passive perforated floor panels that have up to 65 percent airflow through put ensuring cooler hardware and lower energy costs.

Heavy duty panels for high loads with integrated handles

Not only does the airflow rate matter, but also the strength of the perforated floor tiles. These panels often carry heavy loads including fully loaded cabinets. Conventional perforated floor tiles barely manage to carry a maximum weight of a few hundred kilograms without tightened edges. The Triad perforated raised floor panels can reliably carry up to 1360kg depending on the version. Of course easy access is also required. Integrated dual handles provide safe, balanced lifting and placement of tiles without the danger of trapping fingers or toes. Integrated handles eliminate the need to lift adjacent tiles to remove the vented floor tile.

Further information on the Triad floor tiles from RLE is available from Daxten at +353 (0)61 23 4000 or via info.ie@daxten.com. Or visit Data Centre World London, on the 21st and 22nd March at the Daxten stand D540, to view the latest in data centre mission critical power distribution, wire-free radio power and environmental monitoring, structural suspended ceilings and edge computing infrastructure solutions.