Data centre optimisation expert Daxten has clever accessories for the ServerLIFT range

08/09/20 09:15:00 CEST

The word has now gone around that a ServerLIFT, the purpose-built transportation and lifting solution for data centres, can help data centre professionals ease their working life in terms of installing heavy IT equipment into the racks. Model-dependent the ServerLIFT can transport a load of up to 453 kilograms and lift it to a maximum height of 2.66 metres. With the present situation it is good to know that the lifting solution can be operated by a single person. A ServerLIFT used whilst maintaining social distancing can lift heavy servers and IT devices precisely and safely into the cabinets. In order to make this even easier, a range of clever accessories are available for the ServerLIFT model range at Daxten, the data centre optimisation expert.   

The lift extension LE-500 or LE-1000X system for the manually or battery operated ServerLIFT solutions can help to prevent a serious back injury. Once installed at the load platfom of the ServerLIFT, it is possible to lift IT equipment with a maximum weight up to 227 or 453 kilograms safely directly out of the shipping packaging and position on work benches, prior to being deployed. Another attachement available for the load platform of some ServerLIFT models is the Platform Riser. It allows for server installation into special racks of up to 3.0 metres in height.

Further essential attachments are available to ease the hardware mounting directly at rack level: The bi-directional Glide Table accessory with integrated rollers, which is suitable for all ServerLIFT models, allows the IT equipment to be smoothly guided by a single pair of hands into position, which makes the installation even faster and more efficient. The RS-500X Rail Lift shelf extension module makes it possible to lower servers and other rack-mounted IT equipment into sliding rails. IT equipment with a maximum load of 227kg can be lowered or lifted straight, vertically or at an angle of up to five degrees. Therefore the inclinable shelf is also perfect for the quick installation and removal of IT equipment from rails with J-slots. The angle can easily be adjusted whilst in use. For the use in confined spaces or even under difficult installation conditions the multi-pivot handle can be reconfigured.

Recently the WS-1X Wide Shelf has been added to the ServerLIFT portfolio. Is is compatible with all side-loading ServerLIFT models (SL-350X, SL-500X and SL-1000X) and provides additional shelf surface area to fully support servers across their entire width. Designed for un-crating and installing wider servers or with side-structural frames, it supports up to 227 kilograms at the centre and 136 kilograms at the extended side edge. And last but not least the FE-3X Extended Shelf accessory for the ServerLIFT SL-500FX front loading lift nearly doubles the forward reach of the standard platform. It is ideal for the installation or removal of face-mounted or fixed-rail-mounted servers. The SL-500FX and FE-3X Extended Shelf combo is perfect for facilities with wide aisles and for manufacturers loading into cabinets mounted on pallets.

Further information on the ServerLIFT product range and accessories is available from Daxten on +353 (0)61 23 4000 or via