Customise Your PDU

Individual configurable and always a perfect fit for your IT environment

The Daxten YourPDU powered by Schleifenbauer is fully customisable. Any single rack PDU can be configurated individually in terms of power design, number of outlets, monitoring capabilities, colours, mounting options and many more features to perfectly fit to any requirement. Just tell us, what your ideal PDU will look like and we will make it possible.

Top feature: YourPDU with integrated wire-free radio monitoring capabilities

As one of our options we offer you the integration of a wire-free power monitoring module directly into the rack PDU. This enables you to measure and control energy parameters like Volts, Amps, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for any cabinet and to balance out the loads and power density perfectly. With just one single wire-free radio monitoring module you can lay the cornerstone for a comprehensive data centre monitoring system. This can be expanded very easily with additional power monitoring units or by adding wire-free monitors for the control of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or differential pressure and leak detection of areas in the server room that are susceptible to leaks.

Numerous options for your custom-fit PDU:

PDU Housing:

  • Material finish is aluminium, anodised
  • Length can be adapted
  • Horizontal or vertical PDU design
  • Colours: black, green, orange, blue, red, yellow
  • Further colours upon request
  • Optional laser engraving


  • Available standards: IEC, BS 1363, CEE, SEV, Wieland
  • Outlet types: C13, C19, CEE 7/4 (Schuko), CEE 7/5 (UTE), IEC60309 1-phase (IP44/IP67), IEC60309 3-phase (IP44/IP67), BS 1363, GST 18/3, T13, T23

Fuses/Surge Protection

  • Unrestricted choice of the type of fuse including: miniature circuit breaker (MCB), thermal fuse, glass cartridge fuse holder and PASCO cartridge holder

Output functions

  • Depending on indvidual choice/configuration, each outlets can be switched, measured and/or controlled.
  • The outlets are remotely switchable via TCP/IP by using bi-stable relays.
  • Switching, measurement and control options: complete PDU, outlet groups, individual outlet  

Residual Current Monitoring

  • Easily identification of leakage flow at circuit level
  • Class B measurement (AC and DC components)
  • Auto-testing
  • Single and three-phase application

WIRE-FREE RADIO Monitoring Options

  • Integration of wire-free monitoring module directly into the PDU
  • LED locally displays vital power parameters of the PDU
  • Measurement of Volts, Amperes, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for the complete PDU
  • Measurement data is transfered wirelessly to the system gateway
  • All data is available via SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP by a dedicated EMX Energy Portal management tool or third-party DCIM oder BMS application
  • Seamless integration into comprehensive wire-free monitoring system for power, environmental conditions and leak detection

Conventional Monitoring Options

  • Local measurement: current (A)
  • Remote measurement: A, W, VA, kWh, V, power factor
  • Optional web interface
  • Optional DCIM integartion via SNMP, Modbus or API
  • Local PDU display:  LED backlight, horizontal or vertical alignment
  • LED displays measurements, status and configuration

Cable/ Cable Entry

  • LSZH specified cables
  • Oversized diameter for lower heat and energy consumption
  • Optional terminal connection
  • Cable entry from top, bottom, front or rear
  • Optional: zLock dual sided IEC locking power cables

Mounting Options

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting (model-dependent)
  • Custom-fit, independently of server rack type or manufacturer
  • Tool-less mounting option
  • Optional: individual custom mounting solutions

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