Customisable PDU with integrated ATS

The world’s first fully customisable PDU with built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) capabilities

Reliable power for network devices and servers is a vital part in ensuring uptime in any data centre. IT equipment in cabinets with single power supplies, can now be safely provided with power from two different sources by a fully customisable PDU strip with an integrated Micro Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). The solution consists of two rack PDUs that are interconnected via cable. One unit contains, in addition to its regular power outlets, an integrated ATS, which provides three sockets for use by single power devices directly on the PDU. If incoming power is interrupted or if over or under voltage is detected, the source will be switched within 11 milliseconds from PDU A to PDU B preventing downtime by keeping vital IT equipment up and running.

Always-on feature

Because of the ATS and interconnection between PDUs selected outlets and the monitors are always on which allows alerts and notifications to be sent even during power failures.

Highlights customisable PDU with integrated ATS

  • Unique and fully customisable PDU with built-in ATS
  • Reliable power supply for cabinets with integrated redundancy for single power devices
  • Protects against failures and downtime
  • Requires zero U space in cabinets
  • Every cabinet solution consists of two interconnected PDUs (one with integrated ATS)
  • 3 ATS ports for single power devices
  • Phases do not need to be aligned
  • Protects against over and under voltage
  • Customisable: number of outlets, voltage, amperage, circuit breaker, monitoring capabilities and colour finish

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