Airflow management optimises cold air circulation in the rack: no more hot spots, heat-related server failures, thermal inefficiency and “wasted” cold air

The flow of cold air and air distribution in the rack of a server room or data centre can be optimised easily, inexpensively and with minimum installation effort: The cure-all is: installing blanking panels to seal off open rack units and exposed areas on the side of the rack, installing the correct perforated tile in the rack floor, sealing cable openings and optimally rerouting the flow of cold air for network switches. These measures effectively prevent the formation of hot spots, heat-related failures of servers and other active IT components, the mixing of exhaust gas and cooled air as well as the resulting energy inefficiency when cooling data centres. All of these measures generally pay off within only 3 to 6 months, they lower energy consumption and considerably reduce energy bills in server rooms and data centres.