Avocent AutoView 1415, 1515, 2015

Avcoent server management

Avocent's multi-user AutoView 2000 KVM switch delivers simple, reliable and convenient connectivity to all major server platforms. AutoView 2000 features end-to-end CAT 5 connections, advanced cable management and powerful on-screen management. The AVRIQ CAT 5 designed cable interface automatically assigns and retains unique server names for each attached server, which simplifies installation and eases reconfiguration.


This intuitive CAT5 cable interface is connected to the servers KVM ports and then to the switch via industry standard CAT5 cable, thereby minimising expenditure on cabling installation. The AVRIQ also has on-board memory and holds information that is programmed in via the AVWorks software, with regards to which server it is connected to. As long as it remains connected to that particular server, and even if the the the connections on the switch are rearranged, or a cabling system repatched, the AVWorks will always find that server thanks to its unique identity numbering system.


  • All CAT 5 cabling reduces cable bulk
  • Supports all major server platforms
  • Flexible access for two simultaneous local user
  • One click, flash upgrades for all connected AVRIQs
  • Advanced on-screen management provides easy configuration and server selection
Manufacturer Code Description
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AV1415-xxx Avocent AutoView 1415
1 User, 8 Server, incl. Mounting Kit
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AV1515-xxx Avocent AutoView 1515
2x8 Cat-5 switch with PS/2 and USB local user multi-platform target device support and multi-platform target device support
Avocent / Cyclades AP-AV2015-xxx Avocent Autoview 2015
2x16 Cat-5 switch with PS/2 and USB local user and multi-platform target device support