Avocent LongView

Avocent - KVM Extender

The LongView enables you to extend the keyboard, monitor and mouse from your computer up to 500ft on a single Cat 5 cable, without the loss of signal. Allows you to move your computers to remote security rooms, server racks or simply out of the way. In addition to remote access, The LongView Companion also allows local access to the computer.

Easy Installation

LongView is simple to install; no software or expensive networks are required. Just place your peripherals at your remote location, connect the cables and use your PC just as if it were in the same room. There are no jumpers or switches to configure. AutoTuning feature automatically optimizes and configures the Longview for your cable length, without user intervention.

Expand the Reach of your Computer System
Keep your PC in a secure, climate controlled environment and still have access from crowded or harsh work areas up to 500 feet away! Using just one Category 5 cable gives you the additional benefit of lower installation cost and increased resistance to interference for high quality video transmission. Multimedia capability provides high quality PC audio and support for your PC speaker.

Maintain System Security

LongView takes the worry out of system security. Place your system unit, software and sensitive data in a secure area to minimize tampering, system damage and unauthorized software installation.


  • Uses just one Category 5 UTP cable to extend the Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse
  • AutoTuning: automatically configures and adjusts for best picture without jumpers or switches
  • Optional Multimedia: PC audio & microphone, serial, keyboard, video and mouse over the same Cat. 5 Cable
  • RS232 COM serial port on all models for touchscreens or other serial peripheral
  • Supports IBM, Microsoft, and Logitech PS/2 Mice. Serial mouse equipped CPUs compatible with optional adapter
  • Compatible with other Dakota products that provide KVM switching and shared access.
  • Companion version allows a second shared access point next to the PC
Manufacturer Code Description
Avocent / Cyclades AP-LV430-EU Longview KVM Extender up to 150m
audio support
Avocent / Cyclades AP-LV830-EU Longview KVM Extender up to 150m
local and remote - audio support
Avocent / Cyclades AP-LV1000P-202 Longview PS/2 KVM Extender up to 300m
Transmitter, Receiver, dual mode, serial port, audio
Avocent / Cyclades AP-LV1000R-202 Longview Receiver unit to support local or remote user
Avocent / Cyclades AP-LV1000U-202 Avocent LongView 1000U
Transmitter und Receiver, Dual, USB Konsole, Audio bis 300m