Starline Track Busbar for Data Centres

The modular Track Busbar System

Starline track busbar is a modular, build as you need it, high-density electrical distribution system. It has been designed to meet and exceed the rigorous reliability demands and thermal requirements of mission-critical facilities including datacentres and server rooms. Starline busbar trunking power distribution allows you to provide all your racks and servers with power – flexibly and securely. The track busway can easily be installed from the ceiling, under a drop ceiling or under a raised floor (plenum). If redundancy is required parallel busway tracks can be placed next to each other. The male connectors of the busbar allowing for either 3 or 5 pole connections is inserted into the mating conductor. A twist with the installation tool presses the copper bar into a spring connector which provides constant pressure without the need of screws or bolts. Additionally the modular design of the busbar system allows for easy reconfiguration, extending or dismantling.

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Reliability – is the backbone design criteria for all STARLINE track busbar systems. The unique compression connection concept at the connection points ensures that all connections run cooler than the conductor busbar itself. Starline’s patented technology provides a system that requires no routine maintenance or downtime. Starline has been installed in major mission critical data centres and server rooms throughout the world including Cisco and SUN Microsystems to name only two.   

Scalability – is a necessary and an intergraded part of the Starline busbar power distribution system allowing growth or changes in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months. A maximum protection of your investment is given, as you only have to invest in the components that fit your individual requirements. If your system changes or you need to reconfigure, an additional plug-in module can be added at any time. There is no need to pull whip cables, change the power distribution panels or shut down the system. Track busbar power distribution systems, like Starline, are designed for the long term and with change in mind. This reduces residual costs and allows the reusing of unneeded parts.

Flexibility – means to you that you can configure the Starline busbar power distribution system exactly to you’re your corresponding needs. We offer busbars with 100, 225 or 400 Amps and up to 415 Volt. Single or three phase connectors can be located next to each other on a single track.

Cost Effective – The Starline busbar system costs about the same as installing a traditional power distribution panel with cable whips. The efficiency comes in when changes are made or when expanding your data centre. Your qualified IT staff can add, remove or exchange power plug-in modules in a matter of seconds. Historically, that would take weeks, now it only takes seconds at a fraction of the price.

All Starline track busway systems at a glance:

Typ Amp Volts Neutral Iso. Ground Dimensions
GM100 100A 415V 100% No 106mm x 60mm
GM100G 100A 415V 100% Yes 106mm x 60mm
GM100N 100A 415V 200% No 106mm x 60mm
GM100NG 100A 415V 200% Yes 106mm x 60mm
GM225 225A 415V 100% No 106mm x 66mm
GM225G 225A 415V 100% Yes 106mm x 66mm
GM250T5 250A 415V 100%  No 128mm x 108mm
GM250T5G 250A 415V 100%
 No 128mm x 108mm
GM250T5N 250A 415V 173%  No 128mm x 108mm
GM250T5NG 250A 415V 173% Yes 128mm x 108mm
GM400T5 400A 415V 100% No 128mm x 145mm
GM400T5G 400A 415V 100% Yes 128mm x 145mm
GM400T5N 400A 415V 150% No 128mm x 145mm
GM400T5NG 400A 415V 150% Yes 128mm x 145mm
GM800T5CAS 800A 415V 100% No 128mm x 163mm
GM800T5CAGS 800A 415V 100% Yes 128mm x 163mm
GM800T5CCS 800A 415V 100% No 128mm x 163mm
GM800T5CCGS 800A 415V 100% Yes 128mm x 163mm

CC: Copper - Copper
CA: Copper - Aluminium
G:  Isolated Ground
N: Oversize Neutral
S: Access Shutters

Note: Plug-In units with T5 in the part number can be used in all 250A, 400A and 800A Starline Busway systems.

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