Server Technology Smart Power Monitor

Retrofit power management and efficient monitoring of power supply for server racks

The Server Technology Smart Power Monitoring systems offer energy management and monitoring functions for PDUs (power distribution units) or power strips already in use that supply power to all active hardware in a server rack. Versions with single- or three-phase connections are available. The existing PDUs can be easily and conveniently incorporated by means of an integrated and web-based user interface or a serial interface. The following functions are then immediately available:

  • Energy monitoring and measurement: provides information on the existing power capacities and loads, e.g. to add new servers.
  • Proactive overload protection: if total power consumption comes close to a critical limit, overload protection automatically lowers the power supply to the power strip.
  • Integrated load balancing ensures that power is evenly distributed if the power distribution units (PDU) have a redundant design

Note: if the power supply is redundant via two channels, maximum utilisation of 40% of the nominal load is recommended for every power feed so that the second power feed can assume the entire load in the event that one power supply line fails.  

Temperature & humidity measurement

The Servertech Smart PDUs support two external sensors for recording the temperature and humidity values in the rack. A user interface can be used to define thresholds that, when exceeded, automatically trigger alerts per SNMP or an e-mail so that countermeasures can be initiated.

Power measurement and determining the actual values (TRMS) for power monitoring

TRMS measurement gives a precise overview of the load for every circuit. This creates efficient load balancing and minimises the risk of an overload and any associated problems. The integrated user interface is used for monitoring and reporting via the web or serial port.

Technical highlights of the ServerTech Smart Power Monitor:

  • Monitors electrical inputs: exact measurement of the aggregated current (amperes) for every circuit and display via web interface or serial screen
  • High power density: 230 volt at 16 and 32 amperes (single-phase) or  400 volt 16 at 32 amperes (three-phase) as input/output option
  • IP access and security: web interface, SSL, SSH, telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, RADIUS, TACACS and RS-232 access
  • Environmental monitoring: supports two external sensors to record temperature and humidity
  • Administration and reporting via the user interface – without an additional IP address
  • Power measurement of the actual values (TRMS) ensures that they are exact.
  • SNMP or alerts by e-mail when power or environmental parameters are critical


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