Geist Basic PDU Power Strip

Flexible and freely configurable PDUs in many current levels for rack environments

Geist Manufacturing offers the right PDUs to supply power to the active hardware in server racks for data centre environments of all sizes, even for the mission-critical sector. The PDUs are available in versions with 16 to 120A amperes, as single- or three-phase versions as well as in all IEC and NEMA configurations with between 1 and 45 power outlets.

The PDUs can be optionally equipped with current metering or power metering

You can choose what type of current monitoring you want to use for your Geist PDU.

Current metering functions: Provides real-time monitoring and RMS measurement of power consumption. These values are shown right on the display which is integrated in the PDU. This allows you to always keep the power supply within an acceptable range and initiate countermeasures in the event of fluctuations or impending overload.  

Power metering functions: The PDU display gives you an overview of the following important and critical power parameters at all times: amperes, volts, watts and power factor. 

The Geist PM Basic PDUs are available in versions for installation in horizontal or vertical racks. To guarantee a long service life and durability, the PDUs are made of a solid powder-coated steel housing.

Geist Basic PM PDU highlights

  • PDU power strips with up to 45 ports
  • Models with between 16A and 120A
  • Single- or three-phase
  • Optional with current or power metering function on the PDU
  • Models for vertical or horizontal rack installation
  • Steel housing
  • Powder-coating

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